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Jun 9 07 12:17 PM

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Hola, [email protected]!

Hace unos días fui a un concierto de GBQ en Barcelona, y todavía me dura la impresión, he hecho un review que postee en el foro de Blur y GBQ, pero está en inglés, y me da pereza traducirlo.
Os lo pongo tal cual, si no lo entendéis, me lo decís y lo traduciré, vale?

Fui con una amiga, y nos lo pasamos genial, estábamos en primera fila y le teníamos cerquísima, a Damon. Además nos sonrió dos veces y nos guiñó un ojo!!!
Alucinamos pero bien!!!

Bueno, aquí esta el review:

When we got in our place (in the first line) there was no one except for about 7-8 guys who were sitting against the security fence.
I knew where we had to be, at the center, a bit to the left, but, damn, these people forced us to be a little more to the left than what we wanted to, but well, we were in a good position, anyway.
The security fence was about 2 metres away from the stage, and I couldn’t believe how close we were gonna be!
We sat down, we had still an hour to wait. Some time later we heard the sound of some chains, my friend turned, and I got up and saw that they had already put their blue background and the piano.
The piano was more centered than what I thought, it was almost touching the drums, in fact, and that’s because they had to leave some room for the violin players, who were almost touching the piano. There wasn’t much space up there, as you can see.
I sat down again, and some time later my friend told me to look at someone walking towards the side of the stage: it was Eslaam! She didn’t know him and I told her who he was, he was walking with someone, and my reaction was way too slow, when I thought about approaching him he had already disappeared in the backstage.
People were arriving as the time passed, and wen there were only five minutes left there was a crowd in front of us. We got up, and started to stare anxiously at the door at the right.
Suddenly I saw a silhouette in a hat at the door and I told my friend: he’s there, but when she looked he was already gone. I saw him again a moment later, and soon after the violin players came out, sat down and started to play their intro. When Damon and the others came out the crowd started shouting and whisteling, and there were some british boys behind us shouting “Damon!”.
The lights were intensified and Damon started singing “History Song”. He looked a bit absent at first, he was so serious, as in a trance, but little by little he was feeling more comfortable, after a while he started smiling, and from that moment he seemed to be very into what he was doing.
Paul was great, absolutely great, moving around all the time, dancing with his guitar from one side to the other of the stage.
My friend was amazed at him, she hadn’t seen him before and she didn’t expect that at all.
Simon was serious, as always, and I couldn’t see very well Tony because from where I stood he was hidden by his own drum kit.
But they all seemed to be having a good time, actually.
Damon was constantly dancing around and there was a moment in which he came right in front of us, we were both smiling as fools, and he was so serious, and my friend waved her hand and he smiled at us!!! He gave us such a big smile!!! We couldn’t believe it!
Later, while sitting at the piano, he was looking at the sky so dark, and pointed his finger out to the only star we could see and said: “Estrella” (star). I’m sure he was willing to practice his new learnt Spanish .
I was trying to sing, jump, take pictures and record videos all at the same time, and I was having some trouble doing all this. My pictures were absolute crap, I wasn’t able to make them right, I don’t know why, so I decided to take video instead. But as I'd never recorded video before and obviously I’m a shitty video director, some of the recordings have a lot of movement, and a lot of them are short bits of the songs, and the worst of all is that sometimes you can hear me singing (or something like that), because I forgot I was recording and I had to shut up .
Anyway, in spite all that, I think the videos are quite interesting, because you can see Damon and Paul dancing and posing around, and the image quality isn’t that bad.
I also managed to get some audio recordings (with my voice on them sometimes, too, unfortunately), and I’ll post them as soon as I can.
It was time to play “The Bunting Song”, and Damon looked up in search of the bunting, I’m sure, but they were placed a bit behind, so he started to sing.
When they were to play “A Soldier’s Tale” Damon asked the crowd to be quiet, and they played it very softly, but, at the end of the song, we were abruptly invaded by the sound of another band playing in a stage near us, and Damon looked at the audience bothered and said sorry, and at the end of the song he pointed out at the other stage and said “Muchas canciones” (many songs), meaning of course that he was pissed off by that.
My friend and I felt sorry for him, he wanted it to sound so nice, and it was ruined at the end by the bad location of the stages.
They continued playing and at one point, he came again to where we where and approached the edge of the stage looking down, and I’d swear he was calculating the height to jump down, but it was too high and he turned back.
And later when he came in front of us again he smiled at us once more and winked his eye!!!
We were getting close to the end so fast that I couldn’t believe it.
They played “Three Changes”, “Green Fields” and when they were going to play “The Good The Bad And The Queen” he said: “La banda sin nombre” (The band with no name).
Then Eslaam appeared and they played “Mr. Whippy”. Eslaam moved around the stage asking people to make the peace sign with our arms up, which we did, and when they finished, Damon started to count to four in Spanish and they left the stage.
I guessed that was it, but I hoped to be wrong, so we stood there a while asking them “One more”, but they didn’t come out again. We walked to the right side of the stage and asked the security guy, but, as we supposed, they had already left through the back door. He told us that they had had a van ready and waiting for them there.
We didn’t want to leave yet, so we wandered around for some time, and in one of the tents, we bought a Blur and a Gorrillaz badge, and some time later we went home. There were still some concerts in there, but we weren’t interested in them, we had already gotten our piece of heaven.

Bueno, aquí hay algunos vídeos que grabé:

Y capturas de mis vídeos:


Damon parece tan feliz!


Y aquí hay más fotos:

http:[email protected]/


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#2 [url]

Jun 9 07 3:20 PM

Sí, yo creo que se lo pasaron bien, Damon sonreía mucho, y Paul no paraba de moverse de un lado para otro.
Incluso en uno de los videos se ve cuando al final de A Soldier's Tale Damon se disculpa porque se oía el sonido del escenario de al lado, y ni siquiera ahí (pidiendo perdón por algo que no es culpa suya) se le ve de mal humor!
Qué pena que no pudieras ir, fue un concierto de sólo una hora, pero sigo disfrutándolo todavía hoy, una semana después de vivirlo!

Hubo un momento en que parecía que calculara lo alto que estaba el escenario para bajar de un salto, y estaba justo delante nuestro. Pero era muy alto, y no bajó; y yo casi que me alegro por él, porque si llega a bajar no respondo de mis actos!

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#4 [url]

Jun 9 07 5:17 PM

p.d.: si damon me guiña un ojo me desmayo.

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Posts: 3,054 Site Admin

#7 [url]

Jun 10 07 6:09 PM

Además nos sonrió dos veces y nos guiñó un ojo!!!

ahhhhhhhhhh que suerteeeee!!!


"She's going to get us all. Beware the happy pumpkin." Jamie Hewlett sobre mi dibujo de Noodle

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#8 [url]

Jun 10 07 6:50 PM

Ufa, q lucky eres, xD...naaa, ojala y yo algun dia los pudiese ver!, xD...pero aun mantengo la esperanza xD...

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